Introducing Namespaces in c++

This video tutorial explains about the namespaces in c++ programming.
You are gonna learn what is a namespace, why we have to use a namespace, how to declare a namespace, how to access the members defined in a namespace in detail with example.

source code for this tutorial

code for " file_one.cpp "

namespace one{

int x = 10;
void display(){

cout << "display from file one"<<endl;


code for " file_two.cpp "

namespace Two{
int x = 20;
void display(){

cout << "display from file two"<<endl;


code for "main.cpp"

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

#include "file_one.cpp"
#include "file_two.cpp"

int main()
using namespace one;
//using namespace Two;

    return 0;