Overloading Short-hand Operators and using friend functions

This video tutorial explains how to overload short-hand operators such as += and -= and also how to overload operators using friend function in c++ programming.
You will learn what is the difference between defining operator functions as class member and as a friend function, how to overload += and -= shorthand operators, how to define operator functions when we use friend functions in detail with examples.

source code for this tutorial

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

class Marks{
int mark;
    mark = 0;
    Marks(int m){
    mark = m;
    void YourMarkPlease(){
    cout << "your mark is "<<mark<<endl;

    void operator+=(int bonusmark){
    mark = mark + bonusmark;

    friend void operator-=(Marks &curObj, int redmark);


void operator-=(Marks &curObj, int redmark){

curObj.mark -= redmark;

int main()
    Marks anilsmark(45);

    int x = 20;

    anilsmark += x;

    anilsmark -= x;

    return 0;