Intro to PreProcessor Directives and include Directive

This video tutorial introduces you to the pre-processor directives in c++ and also explains the include pre-processor directive in detail.
You are gonna learn what are pre-processor directives, how to use include pre-processor directive, how to include a c++ source file to your program using include pre-processor directive in detail with example.

source code for this tutorial

create a c++ class file and name it "person_class.cpp" and write the source code below

class Person{
string name;
int age;
    Person(string name,int age){
    this->name = name;
    this->age = age;
    void display(){
    cout << "am "<<name<<" and i am "<<age<<" years old"<<endl;


In the "main.cpp" write the following code

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
#include "person_class.cpp"

int main()
    Person anil("anil",24);
    return 0;