Introduction to Java Programming, Its History, Features and Buzzwords

What is Java Programming Language, Its History, Features, Where it is used

Java is a powerful versatile programming language for developing software running on mobile devices or desktop computers or servers.

It was developed by a team led by James Gosling at sun micro systems and now that sun micro systems is been purchased by oracle in 2010.

Java was originally called as oak, and in 1995 name was changed to java.

some important features of Java Programming language.

It is a higher level programming language.

So just like the languages like c and c++, java is a higher level programming language, It is a platform independent programming language.

which means that you are gonna write your program only one and you are gonna execute that code or that program in different platforms.

It is a compiled and interpreted programming language.

Compilation and interpretation is used to convert your source code to a particular form you know which can be executed in your computer.

Java Buzzwords

It is a simple programming language. It was designed to be simple for the professional programmers to learn and use it efficiently.

It is a robust programming language. So using java you can write programs that can be executed reliably in variety of systems. It is a multi threaded programming language.

Java was designed to meet the real world requirements of creating interactive and networked programs and to accomplish that java supports multi threading which allows you to write programs that do multiple things or many things simultaneously.

It is architecture neutral. Java is an interpreted programming language and also the performance of java is pretty good.It is distributed programming language. Java is designed for the distributed environment of the internet because it supports the tcp ip protocol. It also supports the remote method invocation or RMI which allows you guys to access or invoke the methods over a network.

where java is used

Java to develop the applications for desktop computers, to generate dynamic websites by using jsp, to applications for the hand held devices like smartphones.

Java is one of the language used to create android applications.

Introduction to Java Programming Language